Friday, March 22, 2013

Things Tanzos Love or Did You Know...?

Women and children love bags with the face of professional wrestler John Cena on them

Teenage boys love Shania Twain and Celine Dion- they will blast “My Heart Will Go On” from their cell phones without shame or reserve

Obama. He is black, he is the president of America. It doesn't matter that his ancestry is actually from Kenya, not Tanzania

Tanzos love Just Beiber. Not as much as Celine Dion or Shania Twain, but he is up there.

Soda is expensive, which means that it becomes a treat for children and the prize of becoming wealthy. There is no status icon more potent than Fanta.

Tanzos pick their noses. In public, out there, no shame. One person told me that it isn't good when people do that, the act is still socially frowned upon, but the majority of Tanzanians are trying to change that

You know a bus is safi when you get on and there are no chickens. Tanzos carry chickens across the country by bus, chickens under their seats, sitting on their laps, sitting in the overhead compartment. I have had many discussions with my dada on how chickens are clean, but ducks are dirty. She would rather have chickens than any other animal, and having a cat or dog for a pet is stupid

Maybe it is because I'm white, but Tanzos, men especially, but not exclusiely by any means, stare. You will lose a staring contest with a Tanzo. I have tried.

Bus rides are usually crowded, and the seats are tiny, but even when the bus is half empty, and there is plenty of room, Tanzos like to cuddle, and will rearrange themselves so they are leaning against you, or have their arm in your lap, whilst on your bus ride.

Tanzanians don't have the same boundaries that Americans do with space. In fact, they really like touching each other while talking to each other, whether its a smack to get your attention, or, my mama's favorite, caressing my shoulders and chest while talking to or about me.

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  1. Another thing some Tanzos love is shirts that they may not know the meaning of. When I was there, driving through a big market, I saw a guy with a shirt that said "WHAT IS YOUR O FACE?" on it.