Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things I Would Never Say in America or This is Actually a Quote List

(This will probably only be funny to other TZ PCVs)

I want to see your village! -Rachel
How did I get food on this hand (referring to my left)? -Kat
Ugh, he just gave me the wiggly finger! -Safi
The ants are my friends. -Rachel
Am I a whore because I drank alone in a bar? -Maria
I have lights in my fucking choo! -Maria
I'm afraid to wear pants! -Kat
Did your diarrhea look like veggie curry or soup? -Cate
The last time I bathed was... last Thursday? -Maria
The shit I just took looked just like chocolate soft serve ice cream! -Maria
A woman peed on me today. -Kat
It only takes three hours to get there? You're so close! -Kat
People make the weirdest sounds when they talk to goats. -Kat
You don't use toilet paper anymore? -Kat to Chuck. He doesn't.
The monkeys have ben SO LOUD lately!- Rachel
I like your spigot -Safi
Where are my oven rocks? -Rachel

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